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Saving you time, money and hair.

You’ve got a full-time job: running your company and making sure it continues to grow. And focusing on the finances – big picture and day-to-day – just takes you away from what you do best. So let us do that for you. With a combination of experience, skill and grit, we offer trusted part-time and interim financial guidance that you want and need on your team.

The Ralston Process


We identify pain points in your current financial processes.


We develop strategies that meet or surpass business objectives.


We launch solutions that take your company to the next level.

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Customer Testimonial
We were at the point where we didn’t know what the burning problem was; we just knew we had one. And Ralston learned everything about us and taught us things we didn’t even know about ourselves.”
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Free Financial Model

A financial model is the #1 most important tool a business can have. So we’re giving you yours for free. Download it now to get a better understanding of the financial future of your company.


The Ralston Team

Growth is not a guarantee. Success is not a given. We work harder and smarter to achieve both.”
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Kyle Brennan

Co-founder & CEO

Nick Jannsen

Co-founder & Partner

Russell Day

Portfolio CFO

Katy Akele

Operations Manager

Eve Woodhouse

Financial Controller

Our Core Services

While we specialize in reducing headaches, here are the core services Ralston can provide your business, based on your needs and business objectives.

Interim and Part-time CFO

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Interim and Part-time CFO

As your company grows, there’s more and more need for a financial advisor. But adding a full-time CFO can be costly. In the interim, we provide strategic financial guidance that gives you the best of both worlds – senior financial expertise at a more affordable price.

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Financial Modeling

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Financial Modeling

Whether you’re looking to raise money, sell your business or verify sustainability, financial modeling is an absolute must. We’ll package your performance history and establish end-goals that take you where you want to be. You’ll save time and have a more accurate view of the future of your company.

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Investor Readiness

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Investor Readiness

When it comes to fundraising, you need to “dress for the job you want.” In other words, your company needs to look its best in front of investors. From presentation materials to fielding investor’s questions to financial due diligence, we know what works and we know how to make it happen.

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Finance Teams

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Finance Teams

Why manage a finance team of full-time, part-time and third-party workers when Ralston can streamline the process and do it all for you? We can handle your bookkeeping and offer high-level strategic advice from a CFO, delivering everything you need in a cost-effective way and scaling as we go.

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